How much google knows about me?

The common question is how much google knows about me?. This is the very simple question that comes to the mind of every people. In this world, a new baby born then after few years they use first electronic gadgets is mobile, computer, laptops, etc.

Any person when first time uses an Android phone, iPhone then they first create Email ID and login on his phone. When you create an email id, you fill your name, DOB, mobile number, and other details demanded by Google and also you activate the location. When you enable/activate the location on your mobile or laptop after that google track you and store your data and all activities in our database.

Some other questions come over the mind related to Google:-

  • Google do you know my name?
  • Does google know my name?
  • Whats does google think about me?
  • What google traces my location and other activities?
  • What’s google know about my website?
  • How much does Google really know about me?
  •  How does google know everything?
  • Really google trace the whole day movement of people?
  • Is it ok google is safe?

Let’s start with a safer answer which is: Google will trace your data when you allow it to do. This means in your google privacy setting you to allow how much information you allow to google to access your mobile or computer browsing data and other activity.

Some examples of information Google trace:-

  • In Google Maps, you have to search places.
  • You have to search on the Google search bar in mobile/computer and if trace location & history enables then google stores your data.
  •  If you have your own Android device and install an application and use then google store your data.
  • If you have your google device and if you everything you asked to google device.
  • Every video you watched on Google or Youtube.
  • Every chat or comment you left on Youtube videos.
  • Every Email file / Gmail, downloads, and even draft file traced by them.
  • If you are using any google application and allow full access then google traces your whole activities.
  • Google photos are also stored your data where you click photos and when.
  • Google calendar has stored all events you attended.
  • One more thing is Automatic fill-in online password of any account or credit/debit card information is also stored in the google database.

Also, it is not easy for anyone because when you deleted any things after that google store your data as well.  But it is not for misuse, its intent for ad serving and earns a profit. If you want to learn more about google click here.

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